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— Ron G., April 2014



Expandable Wireless Containment

The DE Systems Border Patrol TC-1 is expandable up to 5 dogs with a minimum 15 yard radius all the way up to an 800 yard radius.   The containment system is configurable with up to 50 stimulation levels.

GPS-based Technology

Usable across all of North America, the Border Patrol TC-1 uses GPS satellite based technology to track your dog and establish a wireless containment perimeter.  This allows the system to be completely wireless, requiring no tedious or difficult installation of wires in the ground.

Lightweight & Portable Design

Weighing less than 4 lbs., the Border Patrol TC-1 is both lightweight, portable, and requiring almost no installation whatsoever.  Compared to competing wired solutions, the Border Patrol TC-1 is the easiest and least intrusive way to contain your dogs.


Adjustable for Every Dog

The DE Systems Border Patrol TC-1 is fully adjustable with up to 50 levels of “nick” type momentary and continuous stimulation for a wide variation of levels for dog training. Modes include positive vibration, jump stimulation, and rise stimulation.

Two-Mile Training Distance

Utilizing GPS technology along with long-distance radio transmissions that are not less prone interference as competiting solutions, the DE Systems Border Patrol TC-1 is capable of a best in class training, tracking and status update range of up to a 2 miles.

Waypoint Technology

The Border Patrol TC-1 is configurable with up to 4 waypoint markers allowing you to train and control your dog not only with the wireless containment radius, but also to keep out of troublesome or off-limits areas of the yard.




GPS Locationing

Each Border Patrol TC-1 training and containment collar and add-on collar is equipped with a fully function GPS transceiver that is capable of relaying your dogs position and location accurately and on-demand over a distance of up to 2 miles.

Hi-Res Color Screen

The Border Patrol TC-1 comes with a handheld remote training system that is sturdy, rugged, water-resistant and also equipped with a 2.4″ high resolution TFT LCD screen.

Expandabile and Versatile

Each Border Patrol TC-1 is expandable to up to 5 dogs, allowing accurate location and position with a one meter accuracy and over a two-mile radius. Detect remote collar battery life, out of fence area, and other status reports using the handheld display.

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